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Man, I finally beat Madness Mode, and I only beat the final phase of Tricky with only my hands! No ATP guys showed up, and I only had 5 health when I beat him.

Man, it was hard as hell, but it was worth it to kick that Clown's ass!

Man, Mindchamber is really unfair, he's really fast, despite his weight, he has too many ranging attacks, he is WAAYY too big and covers up too much space for you to focus on the smaller enemies, and I swear his push towards you is overpowered as hell. Seriously, this fight is so unfair.

The game itself is fun, but the bosses difficulty should be toned down a bit, they're pretty hard, and Mindchamber is only the 3rd boss! Goldfish would also make you die a lot, but nothing compares to Mindchamber.

Name: Arin
Arin is a musician, a very succesful one at that, he's very chill and will even give you secrets about the areas you visit, he mostly appears in grassland areas. I do have an idea for a mission in which you have to find his missing guitar, and afterward he gives you a healing item, which would be his mug that he's holding.

Also, P.S
I love your games, Matt, especially the EBF series, I've been playing since the 3rd game, I have really nostalagic memories playing these games, and I'm just thanking you for making those memories as memorable and enjoyable as ever, thanks, and good luck with EBF5!

I'm stumped on the Beholder boss, it's WAAAYYY too hard, at least for me. The sand flies and the smaller beholders keep damage-raping me and I can't concentrate on damaging the target (aka Beholder) enough, I'm seriously stumped.

But this game is amazing, love your work Matt, always been a fan of the Epic Battle Fantasy series, excited for the 5th one.

Fucking amazing, I remember the original and this is twice as better and actually...
It's me! TheDoctorr and TheDoctorStrikesBack from your website! I remember this game and I remember the stream. (still proud of that shyguy's face as an ass joke)

Lambtaco responds:

The doctor is in.

amm gay


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